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Worldwide Business Research on behalf of Citi Bank

Cocktail masterclass

Worldwide Business Research Worldwide Business Research run over 100 industry leading, annual conferences worldwide, along with a full complement of content marketing services, and intimate networking events - all aimed at educating, supporting, and connecting the leadership of the world's core industries. This Casino themed event was in association with CITI Bank.

Worldwide Business Research on behalf of Citi Bank

The outcome

First class experience from Soul…

First class experience from Soul Stirrer! Simeon was great through out and worked with me to co-ordinate a real personalised service for the client we provided a bar to. He worked hard on sharing ideas on how he can not only provide a cocktail bar service, but also personalise to each client, using colours, stencils, sugar paper logos, personalised menus & cocktail names! Would definitely recommend.

Ashley Douglas

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The Challenge

To entertain guests with four memorable drinks based on classics and inspired by
Citi Banks’ London heritage.

Our approach

We created four sensational cocktails that screamed “drink me” and “look at me” in the same breath. The “Smoking Wharf” had flavours of strawberry, elderflower and lime with a fragrant citrus smoke coming from it. The “Pioneering Passion” had the flavours of passion fruit with cherry bitters added from a spray bottle. The “Lucky CITI Sling” was a delicious rum, cherry and pineapple inspired Singapore Sling with a CITI Bank Casino stirrer. The “CITI Gold Martini” had a logo made from edible gold and chocolate powder with a thick chocolate liquor to make this Espresso Martini inspired drink even more luxurious.

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