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SmartestEnergy Cocktail Bar Service

SmartestEnergy is a next generation energy company helping businesses and independent generators actively manage their approach to energy. With a mission is to “empower a greener generation”, they advocate a cleaner, greener, smarter type of energy that can help customers get to net zero.

SmartestEnergy Cocktail Bar Service

The Challenge

Offer a bar service to help SmarterEnergy celebrate the launch of their new brand with cocktails that would look and feel on-brand and taste just as good without alcohol.

Our approach

We created four on-brand cocktails that oozed green energy! The Smartini was a playful twist on the espresso martini and played homage to SmartestEnergy’s green credentials by replacing crème de menthe with monin green mint for the 0% version. Generation Green was an on-brand green fruity rum punch with vibrant flavours of melon, pineapple and coconut. Lyers spiced replaced a tasty small batch rum. One cocktail, one taste was spicy version of a bramble with ginger, blackberry and lemon. We used Lyers white cane to replace the gin. We created the sunset inspired Solar Eclispse to offer a cheerful prosecco based drink with flavours of mango and peach. The non-alcoholic version used Lyers Italian Orange instead of aperol and no-secco.

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