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Monster SPP Foundation Bar Service

With an estimated brand value of $7,498m and annual sales in excess of $4.6bn Monster Beverage is a multinational beverage with an energy drink range sold worldwide by a team of almost 4,000 people.

Monster SPP Foundation Bar Service

The Challenge

Create four handmade monster inspired cocktails for guests to order on demand at Monster’s SSP Foundation event at the Hilton Hotel, Wembley. The drinks needed to feature Monster’s best-selling drinks, with non-alcoholic versions available for all drinks.

Our approach

“The Ultra” was a gentle combination of gin, elderflower, lime, the sugar free Monster Ultra, with a mint and lemon garnish. The Monster Monarch has subtle flavours of peach and nectarine. We used it to create “The Monarch” which also included whisky, peach syrup and lemon with a peach and lemon garnish. Loosely based on a Margarita, “The Mango Loco” had tequila, mango puree, lime and Monster Mango Loco with a mango and lime garnish. The sugar free Monster Ultra Rosa has flavours of raspberry, cranberry, and lemonade with a crisp and complex floral finish. We used it to create the “Ultra Rosa” to which we added vodka, strawberry puree, guava and lime with a strawberry and lime garnish.

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