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CDW and Lenovo Bar Service

CDW builds modern end-to-end solutions for the workspace and data centre by uniting Lenovo products with complementary technologies, proven designs, and our own considerable experience.

CDW and Lenovo Bar Service

The Challenge

We were thrilled to provide a bar service for a CDW and Lenovo spotlight dinner at the wonderful Jeru restaurant in London. Our brief was to create four beautiful drinks, each with a fruit inspired kick.

Our approach

Named after one of the team who loves champagne, “The Penny” was a crowd-pleasing champagne cocktail that included watermelon, lime and basil syrup with a basil and watermelon garnish. The super tasty “Lenovo” had vodka, passionfruit, guava, cranberry and lime with a passionfruit and lime garnish. The “CDW” was a twist on the Margarita with tequila, triple-sec, marmalade, agave and lime with a lime and orange garnish. “The spotlight” had gin, raspberry, aquafaba, lemon and cherry bitters with white foam and the spotlight logo.

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