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Boston Consulting Group

Cocktail masterclass

With over 25,000 employees working in over 50 Countries, Boston Consulting Group is a world-famous global consulting firm that partners with leaders in business and society to tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities.

Boston Consulting Group

The outcome

Soul Stirrrer did a Cocktail class for our Corporate Team event and everyone was absolutely blown away by it! Simeon's delivery was world class and a great mix of learning about the ingredients and making the actual cocktails. The menu of cocktails was fully customized to our company which really added a personal touch to the class. Simeon was also able to cater to the needs of all the guest that wanted e.g. non-alcoholic alternatives ("I thought I was just going to get an apple juice but this is amazing!"). Would definitely recommend Soul Stirrer to anyone and looking forward to another class with you!


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The Challenge

Create a masterclass menu that paid homage to BCG’s Boston heritage, whilst also giving a respectful nod to the Aviation clients that this teamwork with.

Our approach

We created four fabulous cocktails, with some fun elements thrown in. The “Green Envy” was inspired by an espresso martini with the addition of a mint syrup and an eye-catching BCG logo stencilled on the foam. The “Culture Crush” had a green puree made from ginger, coriander and cucumber mixed with rum, lime and Prosecco. We unashamedly based the “American Aviator” on the legend that is The Aviation but with the addition of cherry puree, violet syrup and lemon, plus a paper plane for the crew to make whilst they sipped away! The class ended with “Boston’s Finest”, a bright red drink based on a negroni with a delicious bitter orange and lemon foam.

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