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Axicom Masterclass

Axicom are a full-service global communications agency for tech brands and brands with a tech story. They use technical expertise with data and creativity to develop a brand’s place in business and culture.

Axicom Masterclass

The Challenge

Our challenge was to craft cocktails aligning with Axicom's key business pillars (Integral and rebellious), all while paying homage to a James Bond theme. We aimed to seamlessly integrate their brand identity into the cocktails infusing some playful elements from the James Bond theme and incorporating their logo.

Our approach

We Started with the 'Axicom Royal,' rooted in the classic 'kir royal.' Staying true to the James Bond theme, we blended raspberry, cherry bitters, lemon, and prosecco to present an elegant twist on a classic.
Following that, the 'Smooth Operator' (a private office joke) was introduced, combining gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, and mulled wine a festive touch for the Christmas season.
The 'Rebellious Bond' was next, featuring a rice paper replica of Axicom's logo on top the cocktail. This cocktail incorporated amaretto, rum, agave syrup, lime, and pineapple, resulting in a bold and flavourful cocktail.
Finally, our 'Golden Integration' was inspired by an espresso martini, blending vodka, Goldschläger, Kahlúa, and vanilla syrup; a perfect way to revive that dusty bottle you haven't seen since the early '90s!

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